Emotional Wellbeing

At Leopold Primary School we recognise the importance of our pupils’ emotional well-being and mental health. As such, we have a team of committed therapists working at both sites to support pupils and empower them to discover their potential and thrive.

Therapists at Leopold Primary School

Ekin Bernay

Registered dance movement psychotherapist

Hawkshead Road

Our therapists provide creative therapy for pupils (individuals and groups) at Leopold Primary School. Creative therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of creative arts, play and movement to assist the integration of emotional, social, cognitive and physical aspects of self. Attending to both verbal and nonverbal communication creative therapy aims to: support the exploration of emotions and ideas; promote self-regulation; develop self-awareness (including body awareness); facilitate the safe expression of feelings; build confidence; and nurture a healthy self-image and sense of worth.

In addition to the therapists, Leopold Primary School facilitates clinical placements for Masters students from Roehampton University’s MA Dance movement psychotherapy programme.

For more information, please contact Ms Malik (Gwenneth Rickus) or Ms Octave (Hawkshead Road).

Emotional and Wellbeing Support Model

At Leopold Primary School, we offer a three-tiered model of support for pupil’s emotional well-being. The Imago drop-in (lunchtime drop-in), Mentoring pods (mentoring program), and Creative therapy support pupils to better access their education and thrive within the school community.

Imago Therapy

Imago (drop-in) is a lunchtime drop-in service is available to all pupils in years 3 and above. Pupils can request a 15-minute appointment slot to talk about any concerns or worries they may have (e.g. problems in the playground). The drop-in provides a safe environment for pupils to express their feelings and feel listened to. The Imago drop-in is facilitated by members of the therapy team.

Mentoring Pod

Mentoring pods are mentoring relationships for pupils who are understood to need a little extra support within school. Each pod (individual or small group) is led by a designated member of staff and meet on a weekly basis. Mentoring Pods aim to: support emotional wellbeing; encourage self-awareness; and build personal autonomy and self-esteem. It is understood that the social and emotional development in this micro environment in turn helps facilitate pupil’s relationships in the wider school environment.

For more information about the Imago drop-in or Mentoring Pods please speak to Mrs Cheltenham.

Empowering and Equipping Parents at Leopold Primary School

As part of supporting our pupils we recognise the importance of supporting their parents and carers. As such, our community cohesion course – The ‘Together’ course – is another way in which we seek to support children and families of Leopold Primary School.

The ‘Together’ course aims to empower and equip parents as they engage with their children and the wider community. It adopts a holistic approach, recognising that humans are relational beings (from the cellular to the cyber!).

It is based on the understanding that all humans have certain physical and emotional needs in order to be healthy and happy in life. When these needs are not met we can experience stress, anxiety and anger which can lead to mental health issues.

As we grow and develop we need others to provide a nurturing environment for us. We in turn also need to give nurture as well as receive it. This enables us to thrive, fulfil our potential and contribute to the lives of others, most importantly our children.

For details of the next running of the course please speak to Mrs Kendall.

Quotes from Participants:

“The ‘together’ course was very enjoyable and not only good for our children’s wellbeing but ours too. An excellent opportunity that must not be missed” (Participant).

“The course has given me confidence about my parenting skills and has given me an insight into how to enhance my relationship with my children. I felt part of a special journey, expect the unexpected! Fun and powerful!” (Participant).

“An amazing journey well worth taking! Great tips for the children and parents” (Participant).

“The course has helped me build better relationships with my family, others around me and more so helped me embrace the importance of ‘taking-time-for-myself’. It was so much fun building a ‘school-family’ bond with parents” (Participant).

The ‘Together’ course is written and facilitated by dance movement psychotherapist Mimi Cooper.

The ‘Together’ course supports Leopold’s commitment to nurturing cohesion (tolerance, respect, integration) in the community by providing an opportunity for parents to: build positive relations with other parents; interact with people from different backgrounds; and create links within the local community. Moreover, the ‘together’ course endeavours to provide an inclusive environment which promotes equal opportunities irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.