July 2015

Art and Literature competition: ‘Home’

The year 4 girls entered an Art and Literature competition for the City of London School for Girls based around the theme of ‘home’ and three of the entries have been recognised as excellent pieces of work. As a result they were invited to the City of London School for girls on 2nd July for a celebration evening where their work was recognised.

The excellent pieces of work were from Salma (4KG) Rayven (4KG) and Roufaida (4NM).

The celebration evening was a great success; the girls were awarded their own individual certificate and commended on their pieces of art work in front of an audience. They also had the opportunity to look around the City of London School for Girls and speak to some of the pupils about their time at the school so far.

Please look at our fantastic pictures from the trip!

January 2015


Year 5, 4 & 3 have worked with the artist Stephen Bruce to produce acrylic paintings inspired by carnival costumes. Some of the work is also displayed on Stephen’s website

You will find the paintings displayed in the school very soon.

4G2A5794   4G2A5803   4G2A5805   4G2A5807

4G2A5810  4G2A5815  4G2A5816  4G2A5819


Primary School Art Long Term Plan 2015-2016

Class Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1 Main theme: Collage  Drawing Printing
Collage of seasonal pictures Observational drawings of animals  Painting and drawing a range of plants
exploring colour, line and shape Explore and investigate a range of Leaf and petal prints; develop techniques in using
Look at the way different weather animals, focus on colour, line and shadow. colour, texture, line and form.
looks. Explore the colours that Explore and investigate a range of Sculpture: Using natural resources from woodland,
could be used for different seasons. materials such as wool. common and fields create sculptures to develop their
Artist to focus on: Artist to focus on: imagination.
Kadinsky: Circles Own choice Artist to focus on:
Chn to create shape paintings in line Andy Goldsworthy (sculptures in particular)
with Kadinsky’s paintings.
Year 2 Main theme: Drawing Paint Collage
Mark making Brush control cutting
represent shade and texture line tearing
close observational drawings pattern making large scale collages
colour mixing sorting and sticking
Artist to focus on: Artist to focus on: Artist to focus on:
Picasso Klee, Mondrian Matisse, Riley, Schwitterd
Year 3 Main theme: 3D Collage Painting/drawing of castle landscapes, plants and flowers
Making a bowl/dish/tile Patterns created by light Skills to focus on:
skills to focus on: Skills to focus on: exploring ways of creating a range of light and dark
moulding Exploring designs and patterns created by colours from the primary range
colour relationships light Identify specific painting technqiues in the work of
working with clay realising how nature has given a starting John Constable
demonstrating techniques on a 3D form point to artists Explore different pencil positions focusing on light and
Explore patterning and ideas from dark tones
different time periods and cultures Artist Artist
Artist to focus on: Matisse John Constable
Year 4 Main theme: Printmaking 3D drawings Fabric/Weaving
skills to focus on: skills to focus on: skills to focus on:
Examine print techniques from another To understand the importance of design To develop dip dye on fabric
culture related to purpose Combine printing and textile techniques
Mono printing techniques To be able to evaluate created work explore techniques of wrapping, knotting and binding
collograph printing techniques To modify work for purpose
Artist to focus on: Artist to focus on: Artist to focus on:
Rembrandt Edgar Mueller Michael Brennand – Wood
Francisco Goya Eduardo relero
Year 5 Main theme: Painting Collage Textiles
skills to focus on: skills to focus on: skills to focus on:
Painting a multi layered piece of art exploring collage techniques in own Experiementing with pieces of fabric to show the effect
using a variety of media. sketchbooks to be used as a later reference of different ideas and techniques to alter the apperance.
Using a contemporary artists work for layering and overworking materials with Making a raised fabric surface using folded and
inspiration. different media. scrunching techniques.
understanding the use of contrasting exploring own ideas withing a given Arranging materials to make visually interesting textile
adjacent colours. context. collages.
Artist to focus on: making observations and drawing what Artist to focus on:
Chris Ofili is observed, Jean Davywinter
Artist to focus on:
Dale Devereaux – Barker
Year 6 Main theme: Painting (cubism) Drawing 3D Sculpture
skills to focus on: skills to focus on: skills to focus on:
Understand how cubists depicted on Produce detailed drawings around the To draw preliminary sketches of people.
3D on a 2D surface. theme of myths and legends. To study and describe sculpture, and understand
Use ‘windscreen’ technique to develop Understand and investigate the variety of different inspirations.
an abstract image. methods and media used by artists for To produce clay maquettes.
Discuss and adapt work using a variety their work. Artist to focus on:
of media. Artist to focus on: Henry Moore
Artist to focus on: Terry Strickland Annie Woodford
Patrick Caulfield Mats Minnhagen Beate Kuhn
Picasso Sara Richard
Every child should have three sections of work in their sketchbook; one from each term which are all relevant to the long term plan.