London in Bloom 2015- Leopold does it again!

We are very pleased to announce that Leopold Hawkshead has received a prestigious Gold Award

from London in Bloom 2015 achieving 182 points out of 200.

Leopold impressed the judges with our wide range of plants, the involvement of  pupils in

harvesting and propagation. We were commended on the use of containers due to minimal garden

space. The judges were shown the children’s garden records which detailed  their involvement in

the school horticultural year. Parents provided judges with positive feedback following their

children’s involvement assisting in the gardening. It was acknowledged that not all children have

access to a garden at home and the enthusiasm by Leopold staff showcases the joys of gardening.

A judge commented that ‘given the challenge presented by the built up environment, the

success rate is outstanding’.

Thanks go to the dedicated parents who have spent a lot of time growing and maintaining plants

around the nursery boundary and to the enthusiastic children who have shown an eagerness to

learn about gardening.

January 2015

Leopold, Hawkshead Road has received a ‘5’ Food Hygiene Rating following an unannounced inspection by a food safety officer.  The hygiene rating shows how closely our kitchen is meeting the requirements of food hygiene law.

The inspection checks how well we are meeting the law by looking at:

  • How hygienically the food is handled – preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage
  • The condition and structure of the kitchen – cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities
  • How the business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safeFollowing an inspection, ratings from 0 – 5 are given with the top rating of ‘5’ showing the kitchen was found to have very good hygiene standards.We achieved a ‘5’ rating and are proudly displaying our window sticker showing our food hygiene rating at the entrance to the school.It shows the dedication Chef Rogerio Heleno has in achieving and maintaining this high standard with the support of his team.

The Food Standards Agency inspect food establishments, you can look up the award given to your favourite restaurant or takeaway on  This site will be updated to

January 2015

fda certificate sigfda award 5

Food For Life Partnership Bronze Award

In the Autumn Term 2014, Leopold Primary School, Hawkshead was awarded the Food For Life Partnership Bronze Award at a prestigious ceremony in Central London. Ms Annabel Lewis, our Healthy Eating Co-ordinate and Mr Rogerio Heleno, Head Chef were accompanied by the Head Girl and Boy for a special lunch and award presentation by celebrity chef, Brian Turner.

The Award recognises schools that have made a commitment to Transforming food culture in the school dining hall. Leopold Primary School has worked hard to ensure that healthy, tasty and nutritious meals are the norm.

Pupils are being taught where food comes from and how it’s cooked and grown and the importance of well-sourced ingredients. Pupils have been involved in growing fruit and vegetables and have cooking lessons with Chef who shares his knowledge and enthusiasm. We are now striving to attain the Silver Award.

Leopold Primary food award

2 September 2014

The winners of this year’s Brent in Bloom competition are announced

At the end of the Summer Term 2014 Leopold Primary School, Hawskshead was delighted to be awarded a London in Bloom Gold Certificate for our gardens.

Despite green space being very limited the judge was impressed with the use of containers, pupil involvement, donations received from parents, staff and our local community as well as the time of volunteers who helped to maintain the gardens and our fruit and vegetable patches. The Nursery Garden is a small area around the Nursery boundary  with Oldfield Road. Local residents have commented on enjoying the colourful blooms and interesting containers for plants and flowers to grow in.

Points were awarded for using a compost heap, collecting rain water for the plants, recycling items to use for planting and for the healthy condition of our plants.

We can’t wait for enter the competition again this year and find out which ways in which we can improve upon our high standards and creativity.