“We give them amazing experiences…”

Our aims and values demonstrate our commitment to inspiring children to become lifelong learners. Leopold believes that education does not begin and end in the classroom; we strive to give our pupils incredible experiences that allow them to try new things, have fun, and experience the world around them.




6th November – Headteachers Award Assembly (Gwenneth Rickus)
7th November – PTFA Annual General Meeting
8th November – Nursery and Reception Open Morning (Hawkshead Road)
8th November – Reception Open Morning (Gwenneth Rickus)
10th November – Diwali Assembly (Hawkshead Road)
10th November – School Disco (Hawkshead Road)
14th November – KS1 and KS2 SATs Evening (Gwenneth Rickus)
14th November – Year 3 and 4 House Cricket (Hawkshead Road)
15th November – Nursery and Reception Open Morning (Hawkshead Road)
15th November – Brent Maths Competition
17th November – Cake Sale (Hawkshead Road)
17th November – Reception Open Morning (Gwenneth Rickus)
17th November – PTFA Meeting (Hawkshead Road)
21st November – Year 5 and 6 House Cricket (Hawkshead Road)
22nd November – Year 6 Theatre Visit
24th November – School Disco (Gwenneth Rickus)
27th November – Year 3 Trip to the British Museum


1st December – PTFA Meeting (Hawkshead Road)
2nd December – Winter Fair (Hawkshead Road)
6th December – Year 5 and 6 Nativity (Hawkshead Road)
7th December – Year 5 and 6 Nativity (Gwenneth Rickus)
11th December – Year 1 and 2 Nativity (Hawkshead Road)
12th December – Year 3 and 4 Nativity (Hawkshead Road)
13th December – Year 2 and 3 Nativity (Gwenneth Rickus)
13th December – Nursery and Reception Nativity (Hawkshead Road)
14th December – Reception and Year 1 Nativity (Gwenneth Rickus)
14th December – Year 4 Nativity (Gwenneth Rickus)
15th December – Christmas Jumper Day
15th December – School Disco
18th December – Class Christmas Parties
21st December-2nd January – Christmas Holiday