Maths at Leopold Primary School

Maths teaching and learning at Leopold Primary School continues to improve and develop. The recent changes to the National Curriculum tie in with the high expectations that we have of the children at Leopold.

In any year group there are a range of activities used. These include teacher-led activities, tasks and investigations, ICT-related activities, textbook practice and practical, hands-on investigating. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and each Key Stage has a class set of iPads. We try to make maths as engaging and enjoyable as possible and our teachers use a range of teaching styles to match the requirements of their learners. Leopold uses Collins Busy Ant Maths, Numicon, IXL, Mathematics Mastery and Brainpop to assist children’s learning.

Home Help Resources


Each child has their own login for IXL. This is an excellent resource which allows children to practice the areas of maths they find most difficult. It adapts automatically for their level and explains any answers that they get incorrect. Your child’s class teacher can also monitor their progress and identify any weak spots that require more practice.


On Brainpop, children can explore maths topics, watch videos, take quizzes and play educational games online to develop their problem-solving skills.

Maths Playground

Maths Playground allows children (from reception to Year 6) to access mathematics games, worksheets and useful puzzles to help develop their learning at home.