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Music’s Cool Guidance for Schools 2018-19

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Music’s Cool Syllabus 2018-19

Music at Leopold Primary School

Music is a powerful part of our personal life at Leopold. We use it to set the scene and learning atmosphere to enhance our teaching and learning activities. We also use it to make learning process much more fun and interesting. Therefore we emphasize education for understanding rather than rote memory or the mimicking of skills.

Here are the specific ways music is integrated in the classroom:

Learning information

We play music to help remember learning experiences and information e.g. chants, poems and raps.

Attention, attitude and atmosphere (The Three A’s)

We provide a welcoming atmosphere with music which helps to prepare and motivate our children for learning tasks.

Having a theme song, goodbye or hello songs provides a tool for understanding other cultures and bonding with one another to build lasting community experiences.

Personal expression

We use music during creative and reflective times to facilitate personal expression in writing, art, and movement.

Development of the musical intelligence

We develop our children’s ability to respond to musical sound from the early stage and across the school by using CRB checked and experienced professionals musicians, who tutor in the following range of instruments: piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, drum kit, steel pan, recorder, ukulele, Djembe, drums, dance & drama club, School Choir and Staff Choir.

The school choir continues to play an active part at special functions within the school and the local community.

These specialist music teaching within the school has enabled pupils to obtain highly in music.

Children are assessed and awarded grades in line with various music external assessment boards

e.g. Royal School of Music

We provide performance opportunities for pupils to showcase their musical skills during class assembly time & whole school concerts.

We provide excellent opportunities to continue to develop their skills by participating in concerts and musical initiatives with other local schools in prestigious places such as The John Lyon’s Musical Day, The Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena.

We provide opportunities for pupils to experience demonstration performance by professionals to enhance their learning, inspire and help them appreciate how skills are utilised in the world of work.

The school choir continues to play an active part at special functions within the school and the local community.

We welcome the input of parents and musicians in our community and where appropriate we incorporate their skills into the musical life of our school.