Complaints Procedure 2019-20


Complaints from staff

The Governing Body acknowledges that if complaints are received by Governors from members of staff, they should tell the staff members concerned that they have no power to intervene and should ask them to refer their complaint to the Head teacher. Governors could also recommend that staff seek advice from their trade union.

Complaints from parents

The School Governing Body agrees that complaints received from members of the public (including parents) will be dealt with as follows: Where appropriate, complaints from parents will be dealt with informally by class teachers.

 Stage One

Where class teachers cannot resolve matters informally, complaints from parents and complaints from members of the public will be referred to the Head teacher to seek a remedy. Where appropriate the Head teacher will organise a meeting with the complainant to discuss the complaint to seek a mutually agreed resolution. If the complaint is against a member of staff the Disciplinary and Capability procedures for Staff in Schools will be followed.

 Stage Two

If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, he/she will be asked to put the complaint in writing to the Chair of Governors who will seek to resolve the complaint by investigating the matter. The Chair will interview the Head teacher to see what steps she/he undertook to resolve the matter at Stage One. The Chair will interview others and consider written submissions, as appropriate. The Chair will propose a resolution of the complaint in writing to the complainant.

Stage Three

If the complainant is still not satisfied with the resolution proposed then a panel of Governors, acting on behalf of the Governing Body, drawn from the membership of the “First Committee” will hear the complaint to seek its resolution.

 Time Limits

 The DFE expects formal complaints to be dealt with speedily. Once a complaint is referred to the Chair at Stage 2 the final proposed resolution should be completed within 15 school days of the receipt of the complaint. A parent seeking a hearing at Stage 3 should register their request within 10 school days of receiving the proposed resolution at Stage 2. The Complaints Committee should complete Stage 3 within 15 school days of receiving the complaint.

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Last revised – Oct 2019