Target: Mars

The race to Mars at Brunel University provided the backdrop to a spectacular Space Adventure event for 36 intrepid scientists from Leopold’s Year 6! For the children, the day combined the thrill of a mission to explore an alien planet, with an adrenaline-filled storyline, and gave the children a really unforgettable real-life experience.

Brunel carefully structured a blend of hands-on physics, chemistry and biology activities to enthuse pupils to view science, engineering, teamwork and problem solving in a new light – as pioneers of the future.

During the day the pupils engaged in Target: Mars worked in teams teams, pitted against one another in a race to have the technology, skills and knowledge to colonise Mars.

Imagine competing nations, life and death situations (simulated!), money management, engineering, science, maths, team building and functional skill development – and you are starting to picture the Target:Mars STEM event

Brunel University 1-Day 22/4/16

Pupil Comments

It was really enjoyable because we worked as a team and I learnt something new.

Pascal Walker

I thought that Target: Mars was very intriguing because all the activities were full of attention and dedication. 


I thought it was really good because we did so much fun things.  I really enjoyed it, thank you.


I enjoyed being a scientist and experimenting.  I enjoyed everything, the staff were very kind.  It has been a very fun day.


I am very happy because I survived and it was epic and it was fun!

Ushau Abbas

I really think this game is very educational and fun!


Today was an amazing trip, I want to come again.


I loved everything at Brunel University.  I particularly liked the building project.  I liked it because it was very, very fun!  There was nothing I hated at all!!


I enjoyed and loved every single thing I did.


It was the best trip of my life!


I think it was very fun and very competitive and it’s a test to your memory and brain and I really enjoyed the trip to Brunel University.


Amazing!  I absolutely loved the way you have a hands-on experience and the experiments.  I would definitely come back!


The experience was amazing.  Everyone learnt something to take back to tell others about.


5th November 2015

Make no bones about it, Year 3 are having lots of fun learning about the human skeleton!

IMG_7140 (1)IMG_7142

1st November 2015
Stop Press!

Exiting news – Leopold has been selected to take part in the ESERO UK’s Tim Peake Primary project.  The children will have the opportunity to complete lots of space-related activities while tracking the progress of the British astronaut Tim Peake on his six month mission to the International Space Station.  ​267f5a9990996f037e9e501bab52a59b

14th October  2015

Year 6 has been having great fun investigating fungi. We discovered that yeast is a fungus, and that it is used in bread and beer making. We made bread and found that when you add sugar and warm water to yeast, it gives off Carbon Dioxide. That is what makes bread rise!

IMG_4452 IMG_4453 IMG_4454 IMG_4455 IMG_4456

June 23rd 2015


These pictures were taken in Year 4KG. The class were making circuits as part of the unit on Electricity.
The children used lots of components – wires, bulbs, motors and switches. Batteries were used as a source of power.

May 2015

Volcanoes & Lava Lamps

Strange smells wafted down the corridors of Leopold Hawkshead Road and Gwenneth Rickus. The sounds of bangs and explosions assaulted the normally calm and studious school environment, as Science Day got underway. Children melted smarties as an introduction to chromatography, made lava lamps and experimented with invisible ink. Everyone had lots of fun!

13th-22nd March 2015

British Science Week (BSW) is a ten-day programme of science, technology, engineering and maths events and activities across the UK for people of all ages.

Science Curriculum 2014-15

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Year 1 Animals including Humans Plants Everyday Materials
  Seasonal Changes
Year 2 Living Things and their Habitats Uses of Everyday Materials Plants
  Animals including Humans
Year 3 Animals including Humans Rocks Forces and Magnets
  Plants Light
Year 4 Living Things and their Habitats States of Matter Sound
  Animals including Humans Electricity
Year 5 Living Things and their Habitats Properties and Changes of Materials Earth and Space
  Animals including Humans Forces
Year 6 Living Things and their Habitats Evolution and inheritance Electricity
  Animals including Humans Light