Sports Premium

2017/2018 Swimming

At Leopold Primary School 53% of the year 6 students are able to swim 25m independently. Out of those children 57% of them are able to use a range of strokes effectively.  2% can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.  We are addressing these statistics by having the year 6 classes on both sites attend swimming lessons in the near future.

2016/2017 Sports Premium Allocation

To read or download a copy of our school Physical Education and Sports Premium allocation plan, please click here.

In 2016-2017, Leopold Primary School was allocated a budget of £10,965 for Physical Education and Sports Premium. This was used in accordance with DfE guidance, and was distributed as follows.

 Area  Cost Description Impact on Healthy Lifestyle
Purchase of new sports equipment £719 A significant amount of new sports equipment was purchased for both school sites Children enjoy their PE lessons more if they are able to experience a wider range of activities. Purchasing new equipment allows them to take part in new sports, games and events.

This is a sustainable and long-term investment, as large-scale items such as netball hoops and football goals are hard-wearing and can be utilised for years to come.

Capital City Sports Partnership £1500 Capital City Sports Partnership allows Leopold to build relationships with other institutions. Through this program, the school is entered into a range of competitions in the local area. Children are able to take part in exciting sports competitions with their peers, including those from other schools. Medals and certificates are often distributed at these tournaments, and pupils can participate in activities such as football, athletics, and cricket. Leopold Primary School have recently taken part in football and basketball competitions through this scheme.

The school also participated in this program during the 2015-2016 academic year, and is building lasting relationships with other institutions through sporting events.

Premier Sports After School Dance Club £1320 Implementing a one-hour dance class for girls after school The girls were given the opportunity to try new activities that are not commonly offered during their Physical Education lessons, such as ballet and street dance.

Those students who participated in ballet classes put on an after-school dance showcase for parents, guardians and friends, allowing them to gain confidence in their own performance abilities.

Encourage increasing participation in school sports £3000 Employing specialist teachers of Physical Education

Consistently seeking expert advice to evaluate the sports opportunities provided to pupils

Offering a wider range of activities to all pupils, including swimming, dance and gymnastics

By improving engagement with, and participation in, school sports activities, several effects can be recognised – including improved behaviour and pupil wellbeing, positive attitudes to exercise and physical activity, and significantly boosted student welfare.
Improvement of extracurricular clubs and facilities £1600 Providing a wider range of activities for all students to engage in during lunchtimes and after-school periods Differing activities, such as swimming, gymnastics, multisports and dance, allow children to develop and discover talents in sports they may not previously have attempted.

2015/2016 Sports Premium Allocation

 Area  Cost Description Impact and Healthy Lifestyle
Capital City Sports Partnership £1500  The Capital City Sports Partnership provides the school with school with entry into a number of competitions and tournaments taking place in Brent. Activities and Sports include football, cricket, rounders, cycling and swimming Children are more focused in PE and other studies, as attending events is occasionally used as a reward.

The children get to experience playing competitive sport against other schools and other children their age.

Pupils experience winning and losing, which in turn helps them develop emotional communication.

Gifted and talented children get to showcase their skills, which may not otherwise be possible in school settings due to lack of space or competitive opposition.

Premier Performing Arts £2000 1 hour dance club for girls in Years 5 and 6 The dance class is a target group focusing on girls in Years 5 and 6.

Children develop dance skills and routines as well as improve confidence and self-esteem.

Fitness levels are improved.

Children get to showcase their work in school assemblies and regular dance competitions against other schools.

Hire of Willesden Sports Centre £1450 8 x hall hire sessions

We have hosted 8 Sports Festivals throughout the school year, inviting all local primary schools to attend

Festivals have included football, netball, dance, cricket, hockey and basketball

Festivals focus on high-intensity activity in a friendly but competitive environment

The impact of the Festival has not only made a great impact at Leopold but also those schools that attended.

All children and schools attending receive a taking part certificate and medal with the Festival winners picking up a trophy. This gives the children a sense of achievement even if they haven’t been the overall winners.

A sense of community spirit has developed between schools, Children and staff included.

Purchase of table-tennis tables £840 3 x full-size table-tennis tables We now offer a lunch club for all children to play table-tennis during this time.

Children are active during times when they may otherwise be sedentary. The club has allowed children to play sports with their friends and peers.

The children are given the opportunity to develop skills like hand-eye coordination.

Purchase of sports equipment £324 Items purchased included table-tennis bats, tennis balls, foam balls, cones and bibs Due to heavy usage, equipment becomes worn out and damaged over time. It becomes necessary to purchase new items to ensure children are always supplied with high-quality sports materials.

There are often multiple activities and lessons taking place at the same time. With enough resources and equipment, all children benefit from physical education lessons, and a full and broad curriculum is covered.

Awards £1300 Medals and trophies were purchased as prizes for Sports Day competitors Awards are given out at our annual Sports Day to reward success.

Participation in sports is always a high priority but those that achieve, and show high ability, should be rewarded for their efforts. Children who are successful in school sport events feel a real sense of achievement and are following in the footsteps of their role models.