Staff List 2020

(updated 25/11/20)

Executive Headteacher

Mrs R. Ashton

Head of Schools

Ms Octave (acting)- Hawkshead Road

Ms Obinwanne- Gwenenth Rickus

Assistant Headteachers

Hawkshead Road

Ms Z Meighan

Ms H Mistry

Mr McCaul (acting)

Ms Y Sopta

Gwenneth Rickus

Ms R Malik

Ms A Patel

Ms Y Husbands

Ms D St Cyr (acting)

PA to Headteacher

Mr Anil



School Business Managers

Ms Thompson (Hawkshead Road & Brentfield Road)

Administrative Team

Ms Michelle

Mr Read

Ms Cleide

Mr Anil

Ms Tamara

Ms Primus


Hawkshead Road

Name Year Group Additional Information Additional Roles
 Ms Meighan Nursery Rainbow Assistant Head EYFS Lead
 Ms McKay Reception Starlight
 Ms Thomas Reception Galaxy
Ms Vatra Year 1 Olive PSHE Lead
Ms Burns Year 1 Holly
Ms Mistry Year 2 Birch Assistant Head

Science Lead

Ms Mohammed Year 2 Cherry
 Mr McCaul Year 3 Magnolia Maths Lead
Ms Blandine Year 3 Pine
Ms Baxter Year 4 Hazel
Ms Garland Year 4 Sycamore History Lead
Ms Choudhury Year 5 Eucalyptus
Mr Clancy Year 5 Fern Art & DT Lead
Ms Atkins Year 6 Hawthorn Geography Lead
Ms Sopta Year 6 Mulberry Assistant Head

English Lead

Ms Ferguson Year 6 Mulberry
Mr Josh Whole School PE
Ms  Ferguson PPA
Mr Josh PPA
Ms Tayla Yr5 PPA

Gwenneth Rickus

Teaching Staff


Gwenneth Rickus

Name Year Group Additional Information Additional Roles
Ms Medrano Reception Moonbeam
Ms Fernandes Reception Sunshine
Ms Sutton Year 1 Ash
Ms  Shahad Year 1 Oak
Ms Malik Year 2 Palm Assistant Head
Ms Cater Year 2 Palm
Ms Beyene Year 2 Maple
Ms Khorasani Year 3 Cedar
Ms Faith Year 3 Elm Geography Lead
Ms St Cyr Year 4 Aspen (Acting AHT)
Ms Little Year 4 Aspen
Ms Cece Year 4 Teak History Lead
Mr Young Year 5 Chestnut ICT Lead
Ms Smith Year 5 Juniper Literacy Lead
Ms Francis Year 6 Bonsai Maths Lead
Ms Husbands Year 6 Willow (AHT)
Ms Sorrosal Whole School Spanish
Mr Watson PE
Ms Dolan (Mon-Wed) PPA

Teaching Assistants

HR Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants



Name Additional Information
Ms Thomas and

Ms Osei

 Ms Jaso &

Ms Gill

Reception Galaxy
Ms Jodanna Reception Starlight
Ms Ozzie Year 1 Holly
Ms O’Neill Year 1Olive
Ms Wilson &

Ms  Aurora

Year 2 Cherry
Ms Sonia Year 2 Birch
Ms Hiba Year 3 Magnolia
Ms Dian Year 3 Pine
Ms Funmi Year 4 Sycamore
Ms Tailor Year 4 Hazel
Mr Eddie Year 5 Fern
Mr Dean Year 5 Eucalyptus
Mr Gideon Year 6 Hawthorne
Ms Zoe Year 6 Mulberrry

GR Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants


Gwenneth Rickus

Name Additional Information
Ms Demetriou (HLTA) Reception Moonbeam
Ms Ligia Reception Sunshine
Ms Raz  (HLTA) Year 1 Ash
Ms Louise Year 1 Oak
Ms Haynes Year 2 Maple
Ms Enyonam Year 2 Palm
Mr Jordan

Malik (1:1)

Year 3 Cedar
Ms Cherelle

Ms Figures (1:1)

Year 3 Elm
Ms Tanya Year 4 Aspen
Ms Barbara

Ms Beth  (1:1)

Year 4 Teak
Ms Arti  (1:1)

Ms Rosemary A.

Year 5 Chestnut
Ms Ebony Year 5 Juniper
Mr Harvey Year 6 Bonsai
Ms Shahina  (HLTA)

Ms Seale (1:1)

Year 6 Willow
Ms Anna First Aider & Interventions

Sports Coaches


Mr Josh and Mr Watson currently run sports and PE at Leopold .


Please note at this present time, there are no afterschool or breakfast clubs running due to the Corona situation.

After School Club


Ms Jacqui

Ms Dian

Ms Laila

Ms Florence


Mr Harvey

Ms Shanta

Ms Shazia

Ms Rosemary


Mr Utting

Mr Paul
Mr Chris


Ms Iris
Ms Rosemary
Ms Crystal

Catering Assistants

Hawkshead Road

Ms Helen
Ms Florence
Ms Lolita
Ms Geraldine
Ms Mallian

Gwenneth Rickus

Ms Shazia
Ms Shanta
Ms Valerie
Ms Amelia
Ms Tracey
Ms Anissa
Ms Renuka


Ms Valerie
Ms Amelia
Ms Rubina
Ms Geraldine
Ms Dharmista

Music Tutors

Mr Toussaint-Steel Pan

Ms Lilliana-Piano

Brent Music currently deliver the Music’s Cool program