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Curriculum for Year 3

ENGLISH Poems, explanation and information texts, fiction, stories from the same author, letters Myths and legends, non chronological reports, recounts and poems Shape poems, persuasive writing, adventure stories, plays and dialogue
MATHS Multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, shape and space, measures, time and data, fractions and place value Time, position and direction, place value, measures and data, fractions, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division Shape, data and measures, sequencing, fractions, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
SCIENCE Humans and all living things including healthy eating, muscles and skeletons. Rocks – rock investigations, volcanoes, fossils and properties of soil Light, reflection, searching for shadows, light and darkness, transparency. Plants – plant life cycle, soil nutrients, photosynthesis and seed dispersal. Forces and magnets. Pushes and pulls, uses of magnets and enquiring about magnets.
COMPUTING E-safety E-safety E-safety
MUSIC Music’s cool, basic music vocabulary and playing a range of music instruments Music’s cool, basic music vocabulary and playing a range of music instruments Music’s cool, basic music vocabulary and playing a range of music instruments
HISTORY Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, settlements, buildings, clothing, jobs and leisure, food and diet. Black History week, Remembrance Day The Roman Empire in Britain, Roman culture, society including transport, leaders, technology and army The Aztecs, dates on a timeline, Aztec food, gods and sacrifice, daily life and social hierarchy
GEOGRAPHY Contrasting localities, comparing London with Venice, improving our environment, recycling and pollution Connecting to the world, communicating using technology, trade with other countries, why people go on holiday. Continents of North and South America Oceans and continents, maps – physical and political. Mapping skills and keys, orienteering
RE Rights and wrong, Hinduism Christianity, creation Birth ceremonies, caring for the world
PE Invasion games and team games Gymnastics Athletics
M.F.L FRENCH School Body Animals
ART Kadinsky, 3D sculptures, making shapes, a bowl/ plate, using clay, moulding, exploring pattern and ideas from different cultures and time periods Matisse, collage, patterns created by light, exploring designs and patterns, realising how nature has given a starting point John Constable, painting/ drawing of castle landscapes, flowers and plants, exploring ways to create a range of light and dark, colours from the primary range, identify a range of specific painting techniques
DT Packaging: examine and create, gifts: money containers/photo frames, looking at structures and techniques. Healthy snacks, healthy dips Moving monsters
PSHE It’s our world, be friendly, be wise Living long, living strong, daring to be different Joining in, joining up, dear diary