Year 6 at Leopold School

Year leader at Hawkshead Road: Mr Hacking

Year leader at Gwenneth Rickus: Miss Campbell

  • Class Name
  • Hawthorn
  • Mulberry
  • Bonsai
  • Building
  • Hawkshead
  • Hawkshead
  • Gwenneth Rickus
  • Teacher Name
  • Ms Thomas/Mr Hacking
  • Ms Melchor
  • Miss Campbell
  • Assistant
  • Ms Samuda/Mr Sylvester
  • Ms Bashir
  • Mr Zanre
  • PE Days
  • Monday/Wednesday

Homework given out: Every day

Homework to be returned: The following day

Curriculum for Year Six:

ENGLISH Children will be looking at classic fiction, biographies and autobiographies, recounts, instructions and explanations, slam poetry and classic poetry. The children will be looking at short stories, drama, arguments and debate, reports and journalistic writing, classic narrative in poetry and poetic style. Children in year six will be exploring classic fiction for a second time, as well as looking at short stories, persuasive writing, non-chronological reports and a debate poem.
MATHS The children will be looking at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (non-formal and formal methods). Place value, fractions (simplifying, and using the four operations with them), decimals (using the four operations with decimals), percentages, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, reasoning ratio, proportion, factors, prime numbers, factorisation, area, perimeter, data handling, converting measurements (lengths, weights and volumes). The children will also be looking at algebra and Roman numerals. We will look at the mean, median, range and mode.

We will also be undertaking weekly practice of IXL where all 281 curriculum silks can be practiced as text based questions.

There will be numerous higher level maths competitions.

SCIENCE The children will be learning about all living things including humans and evolution and inheritance. The children shall be looking at light. The children will be looking at electricity.
ICT The children will be planning the creation of a mobile app. They will develop an awareness of the capabilities of smartphones and tablets. They will understand geolocation including GPS. The children will also develop project management skills. They will scope a project to identify different components that must be successfully combined. The children will be researching the app market. They will create a set of good survey questions and analyse the data obtained from the survey. They will then present their research findings. They will work collaboratively to design an interface for an app. They will use wireframing tools to create a design prototype of their app. They will document their design decisions and the process they’ve followed. The children will develop a simple mobile phone app becoming familiar with another programming toolkit or development platform. They will write down the algorithm for their app and thoroughly test and evaluate their app. They will be creating video and web copy for a mobile phone app. Developing a printed flyer or brochure incorporating text and images. They will further develop skills relating to shooting and editing video.
MUSIC The children shall be exploring rounds, sounds and sources. Children shall be looking at lyrics and melody and exploring performing together. Children will be demonstrating musical skills and knowledge.
HISTORY The children shall be looking at Tudor exploration. The children shall be looking ancient China. The children shall be exploring local famous people in history who have made a difference.
GEOGRAPHY Year six will be looking at conservation. The children will be learning about mountains. The children shall be learning about human geography.
RE Year six will be looking at Humanism and Christianity. The children shall be looking at race and diversity, and beliefs. The children shall be thinking about moral maze, and exploring what happens after death.
PE We will be doing gymnastics (combine and perform gymnastic actions, shapes and balances) and games. We shall be looking at invasion games. The children will be looking at net and wall games and then following this up with striking and fielding.
FRENCH /SPANISH Children shall be looking at hobbies and clothes. Children in Year Six will be exploring daily routine and transport. The children will be looking at sport and at the cafe.
ART The children shall be exploring silhouette, pastel pictures and exploring the roles and purposes of artists. The children shall look at marbling. The children in Year Six will look at henna designs, and water colours.
DT Year Six will be looking at slippers and shelters. The children will be exploring fairgrounds. The children shall be looking at controllable vehicles.
PSHE The children shall be looking at how the world is ours and undertaking drugs education. Year Six will be looking at money matters and fair trade around the world. The children shall be looking at global citizenship and growing up.