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9th March, 2018

Dear parents and carers,

After 30 years as Head teacher of Leopold Primary School, I have happily decided to retire at the end of this term, the 29th March. Brent will shortly be issuing a press release, and an external acting head will be in position after the Easter holidays.

Many dear colleagues close to me are aware that I have been planning my retirement for a few years, but with the high demand for places and the school being consistently oversubscribed for many years, Brent Council requested that Leopold be expanded over two sites which delayed my retirement. But now, I will be moving on, and I am really excited at the prospect of beginning a new phase in my life with new opportunities. Please understand I have made this decision on my own accord, and I am immensely proud that I have fulfilled my duty to the children and the school.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Directors of Brent who have truly appreciated my long service and reputation over the years; and in addition a special thank you to MP Dawn Butler and the leader of Brent council Muhummad Butt.

It has been my great privilege to serve as Head teacher, and I will leave with a great many memories of staff, pupils, parents and carers. In 30 years, thousands of pupils have passed through Leopold’s doors under my leadership, and I am immensely proud at the fine men and women they have grown up to be. Many of our past pupils have studied at prestigious universities, then forged careers in areas like engineering, medicine, law, teaching and finance. For some past pupils, the basis of their success was through Leopold’s gifted and talented programme which saw a plethora of pupils successfully gain places at excellent state, grammar and independent schools.

Former pupils have returned to Leopold to talk about their enriched experiences, and have been positive role models for present pupils.

They are truly ambassadors and testament to the accomplishments of the school. An amazing achievement from a school in the middle of Harlesden, which has also achieved the status of number one primary school in Brent, and constantly within the top five. The community and I are incredibly proud of this past success.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given to me and the school during my time here. It is truly appreciated. I have had past parents bringing their children back to the school and it is wonderful to see the different generations emerge. I am really looking forward to spending part of the year enjoying my home in glorious Guyana (South America) and the other part of the year working as a consultant in the UK.

Even more perfect, my daughter has been offered a place, which was highly competitive, at the prestigious Columbia University in New York, to study for three years for her Doctorate, which will also enable me to visit her regularly in New York and network my consultancy business.

I would like to invite you to partake in my planned celebration, so please keep Saturday 24th March free (from 2pm – until 8pm). This will be at Gwenneth Rickus site. Parents, carers and pupils; past and present, are invited to share this joyous occasion. There will be a bouncy castle for the children and an organised fireworks display. Delicious food will also be served. Reminders of the celebration will be sent out.

My emphasis has always been the children, their wellbeing and development. Now it is my time.

Kind regards,

AB Kendall

Head Teacher

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Letters: Friday 16th March 2018



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