It has been 15 months since we began taking in children at Leopold Gwenneth Rickus. We would like to thank the parents for their understanding whilst works continue to take place. We are currently dividing up areas of the building for the provision of even more additional classrooms. The preparation for these works has begun and the rooms will finished by September 2015. All other building works will end by April 2016, two years to the month that the building opened.
Autumn Term

Have a wonderful Summer break!

First day of Autumn term is Thursday 3rd September 2015, 08:50am

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Two sites, one school, one head teacher, working to unite the community.

Summer  2015

Welcome to our school website – I hope that you enjoy finding out all about Leopold Primary School and that it gives you an insight into the ethos of our school. We are a large primary school in Brent and serve a very diverse community, with over 32 different first languages spoken by our children and families.

We are situated over two sites, one on Hawkshead Road, NW10 9UR and one on Brentfield Road, NW10 8HE. There are currently 700 pupils attending the school. Leopold Hawkshead has 460 pupils from Nursery to Year 6. Leopold Gwenneth Rickus currently has 240 pupils from Reception to Year 4. Our future aim is to strengthen the community even further by providing nursery education at the Gwenneth Rickus site.

Our aims and ethos
We pride ourselves on our warm, caring ethos and have a strong reputation for this and for the way in which we celebrate every child’s uniqueness. We have high expectations for all our children in terms of their work and behaviour, offering both challenge and support, to enable them to achieve their very best.

We need to promote the drive for excellence in modern British society. The news everywhere is currently discussing austerity however we need to promote prosperity through outstanding education. Our aim is to provide children with rich and memorable learning experiences, in an ever-changing world and to foster a love of learning, so that our children become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.  We are very proud of our school, of the pupils, the parents, grandparents and extended families. Because of your commitment and trust in the school, we continue to grow in numbers and in strength. We are also proud of our community cohesion links, our strong PTFA and our governors.
We continue our commitment for high standards and to an inclusive ethos. I am very proud to serve as its head teacher.
You are welcome to contact us if you wish to find out any more about the school or to arrange a visit.

Kind Regards,

Mrs A.B. Kendall
Head teacher


July 12th 2015


Class 4KG  from Leopold Hawkshead receive recognition for a poem in Verse vs Verse project. Read more here

June 27th 2015

We are a research group from the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, investigating individual differences in how the mind works. Our research aims to provide a better understanding about the brain and behavioural differences within the general population, as well as those who have a psychiatric diagnosis. We are inviting you and your partner (if applicable) to join our research panel of adults so we can collect data that represents the make-up of adults in the UK, across all socioeconomic and educational levels.

You have been contacted because your son/daughter attends a primary school in Brent, and we are writing to every parent who has a child age 5-11 years old in primary education. We need as many people as possible to help our research and it will only take you 5 minutes!

If you are interested in being part of our volunteer panel, please go to our secure website at If you register, we will ask you to provide some background information about yourself, and then you can go on to take some questionnaires and tests online. You can complete these at your leisure by logging in and out of your volunteer homepage with your chosen login details and will only need to complete them once. We will also encourage you to invite your partner (if applicable) to register (you can do this from your volunteer homepage once you are registered).

We will also contact you from time to time to tell you about new projects which might be of interest to you. Many of our research projects only involve filling in 5 minute questionnaires or doing tasks online. Some of our studies involve being assessed by one of our team (such as brain scanning studies). You are under no obligation to participate in any of the projects but you may find them fascinating and taking part is an excellent way to see what research is going on in Cambridge University. Any information you provide is entirely confidential. You can opt out at any time and we will remove your details, and any data you have provided, from our volunteer database. If you have any questions about registering as a volunteer, please contact our Volunteers Coordinator Paula Smith (

There is also a Participant Information Sheet for additional information (link to PIS or

For more information about our research into psychiatric conditions such as autism, please visit

Thank you for considering our request.

Best wishes

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry

University of Cambridge.


Great News! 26/01/15

Leopold Primary have received recognition for their Key Stage 2 results for disadvantaged pupils.