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Staff List 2021

(updated 20/05/22)

Executive Headteacher
  • Miss Mollett 
Head of Schools
  • Ms Eskelson - Hawkshead Road
  • Mr Ridley - Gwenenth Rickus

Assistant Headteachers

Hawkshead Road
  • Ms Ristic
  • Mr McCaul (Acting)
Gwenneth Rickus
  • Ms Patel
  • Ms Francis (Acting)

Admin Team


Ms Atkins SENCO

Miss Melehi SENCO

School Business Manager

Mrs Din (Hawkshead Road & Brentfield Road)

Administrative Team
  • Mrs Din (School Business Manager)
  • Ms Cleide (Administrator)

Teachers - Hawkshead Road

Name Year Group Additional Information Additional Roles
 Ms Ristic Nursery Rainbow Assistant Head & EYFS Lead
 Ms McKay Reception Starlight  
 Ms Jaso Reception Galaxy  
Ms Vatra Year 1 Olive PSHE Lead

Mr Hasnath &

Ms Patel

Year 1 Holly


Assistant Head

Ms Dela Cruz

Year 2 Birch


Ms Mohammed Year 2 Cherry  
Ms Blandine Year 3 Magnolia  
Ms Savova Year 3 Pine  

Ms Ryan 

Year 4 Hazel RE Lead
Ms Aziz Year 4 Sycamore  
Mr Hearn Year 5 Eucalyptus


Mr Clancy &

Ms Myers

Year 5 Fern Art & DT Lead

Mr McCaul &

Ms Shabana

Year 6 Hawthorn Maths Lead & Acting Assistant Head
Ms Garland Year 6 Mulberry

History Lead

Ms Dolan (Mon-Wed)


Gwenneth Rickus -Teaching Staff - Gwenneth Rickus

Name Year Group Additional Information Additional Roles
Ms Sutton Reception Sunshine  

Ms Patel &

Ms Ishmail

Year 1

Ash Assistant Head & Inclusion
Ms Shahad Year 1 Oak  
Ms Cater Year 2 Palm  
Ms Beyene Year 2 Maple  
Ms Maher Year 3 Cedar  
Ms Faith Year 3 Elm  

Ms Raya

Year 4 Aspen Assistant Head & Science Lead 
Ms Cece Year 4 Teak Geography Lead
Mr Watson Year 5 Chestnut  
Ms St Cyr Year 5 Juniper  
Ms Francis Year 6 Bonsai

Curriculum Lead &

Acting Assistant Head

Ms Smith Year 6 Willow  
Ms Sorrosal Whole School Spanish  
Mr Watson PPA    

Teaching Assistants - Hawkshead

Name Additional Information

Ms Sherica &
Ms Osei


Ms Dian 

Reception Galaxy

Ms Ozzie

Reception Starlight

Ms Tailor

Year 1 Holly

Ms Sonia

Year 1 Olive

Ms  Aurora

Year 2 Cherry & Year 2 Birch

Ms Hiba Year 3 Magnolia
Ms Shamaree Year 3 Pine
  Year 4 Sycamore 
Ms Tahir Year 5 Fern & Year 5 Eucalyptus
Ms Funmi Year 6 Hawthorne & Year 6 Mulberry
Ms Jacqui First Aider & Interventions

Teaching Assistants - Gwenneth Rickus

Name Additional Information
Ms Demetriou (HLTA) Reception Sunshine
Ms Louise  Year 1 Ash
Ms Anna & Ms Seale (1:1) Year 1 Oak
Ms Haynes Year 2 Maple

Ms Haynes

Year 2 Palm

Ms Tanya

Year 3 Cedar

Ms Cherelle Francis

Year 3 Elm

  Year 4 Aspen
Ms Ligia 

Year 4 Teak

Ms Barbara 

Year 5 Chestnut

Ms McLeod  Year 5 Juniper

Mr Harvey 

Year 6 Bonsai

Ms Shahina  (HLTA)

Year 6 Willow

Ms Anna First Aider & Interventions

Sports Coaches




We are pleased to announce that our new after school club will be starting from Tuesday 23rd November 2021.

Sport and Health Academy will now be the new provider. They will liaise with parents directly through their own booking system and will have their own contact details.

After School Club

Sport & Health Academy run after-school club provision across both sites.


  • Mr Utting
  • Mr Paul
  • Mr Chris


  • Ms Iris
  • Ms Rosemary
  • Ms Crystal
Catering Assistants
Hawkshead Road
  • Ms Helen
  • Ms Florence
  • Ms Shazia
  • Ms Malian
Gwenneth Rickus
  • Ms Lolita
  • Ms Shanta
  • Ms Tracey
  • Ms Anissa
  • Ms Renuka

Cleaners/General Assistants

  • Ms Valerie
  • Ms Amelia
  • Ms Robina
  • Ms Dharmista

Music Tutors

  • Brent Music currently deliver the Music’s Cool program. The music coordinator is Ms Dykes.