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Staff List 2021

(updated 19/06/21)

Executive Headteacher
  • Mrs Rose Ashton
Head of Schools
  • Ms Angela Harvey- Hawkshead Road
  • Ms Obinwanne- Gwenenth Rickus

Assistant Headteachers

Hawkshead Road
  • Ms A Octave
  • Ms Z Meighan
  • Ms H Mistry
  • Mr McCaul (acting)
  • Ms Y Sopta
Gwenneth Rickus
  • Ms A Patel
  • Ms Y Husbands
  • Ms D St Cyr (acting)
PA to Headteacher

Mr Anil Albana


Ms Campbell SENDCO

School Bursar

Ms Michelle (Hawkshead Road & Brentfield Road)

Administrative Team
  • Ms Michelle
  • Mr Read
  • Ms Cleide
  • Mr Anil
  • Ms Tamara
  • Ms Primus
  • Ms Bonet

Teachers - Hawkshead Road

Name Year Group Additional Information Additional Roles
 Ms Meighan Nursery Rainbow Assistant Head EYFS Lead
 Ms McKay Reception Starlight  
 Ms Thomas Reception Galaxy  
Ms Vatra Year 1 Olive PSHE Lead
Ms Tayla Year 1 Holly  
Ms Mistry Year 2 Birch

Assistant Head
Science Lead

Ms Mohammed Year 2 Cherry  
 Mr McCaul Year 3 Magnolia Maths Lead
Ms Blandine Year 3 Pine  
Ms Little Year 4 Hazel  
Ms Garland Year 4 Sycamore History Lead
Ms Choudhury Year 5 Eucalyptus IT Lead
Mr Clancy Year 5 Fern Art & DT Lead
Ms Atkins Year 6 Hawthorn Geography Lead
Ms Sopta Year 6 Mulberry

Assistant Head
English Lead

Ms Ferguson Year 6 Mulberry  
Mr Josh Whole School PE  
Ms  Ferguson PPA    
Mr Josh PPA    
Ms Tayla Yr5 PPA    

Gwenneth Rickus -Teaching Staff - Gwenneth Rickus

Name Year Group Additional Information Additional Roles
Ms Medrano Reception Moonbeam  
Ms Fernandes Reception Sunshine  
Ms Sutton Year 1 Ash  
Ms  Shahad Year 1 Oak  
Ms Cater Year 2 Palm  
Ms Beyene Year 2 Maple  
Ms Maher Year 3 Cedar  
Ms Faith Year 3 Elm Geography Lead
Ms St Cyr Year 4 Aspen (Acting AHT)
Ms Cece Year 4 Teak History Lead
Mr Young Year 5 Chestnut ICT Lead
Ms Smith Year 5 Juniper Literacy Lead
Ms Francis Year 6 Bonsai Maths Lead
Ms Husbands Year 6 Willow Science Lead & (AHT)
Ms Sorrosal Whole School Spanish  
Mr Watson PE    
Ms Dolan (Mon-Wed) PPA    

Teaching Assistants - Hawkshead

Name Additional Information

Ms Thomas and
Ms Osei


Ms Jaso &
Ms Gill

Reception Galaxy

Ms Jodanna

Reception Starlight

Ms Ozzie

Year 1 Holly

Ms O’Neill

Year 1 Olive

Ms Wilson &
Ms  Aurora

Year 2 Cherry

Ms Sonia Year 2 Birch
Ms Hiba Year 3 Magnolia
Ms Dian Year 3 Pine
Ms Funmi Year 4 Sycamore
Ms Tailor Year 4 Hazel
Mr Eddie Year 5 Fern
Mr Dean Year 5 Eucalyptus
Mr Gideon Year 6 Hawthorne
Ms Zoe Year 6 Mulberrry
Ms Nazii  

Teaching Assistants - Gwenneth Rickus

Name Additional Information
Ms Demetriou (HLTA) Reception Moonbeam
Ms Ligia Reception Sunshine
Ms Raz  (HLTA) Year 1 Ash
Ms Louise Year 1 Oak
Ms Haynes Year 2 Maple
Ms Enyonam Year 2 Palm

Mr Jordan
Ms Malik (1:1)

Year 3 Cedar

Ms Cherelle
Ms Figures (1:1)

Year 3 Elm

Ms Tanya Year 4 Aspen

Ms Barbara

Year 4 Teak

Ms Arti  (1:1)
Ms Rosemary A.

Year 5 Chestnut

Ms Ebony Year 5 Juniper
Mr Harvey Year 6 Bonsai

Ms Shahina  (HLTA)
Ms Seale (1:1)

Year 6 Willow

Ms Anna First Aider & Interventions

Sports Coaches


Mr Josh and Mr Watson currently run sports and PE at Leopold .


Please note at this present time, there are no after-school or breakfast clubs running due to the Corona situation. This is continuously reviewed on a daily basis.

After School Club

  • Ms Jacqui
  • Ms Dian
  • Ms Laila
  • Ms Florence
  • Mr Harvey
  • Ms Shanta
  • Ms Shazia
  • Ms Rosemary


  • Mr Utting
  • Mr Paul
  • Mr Chris


  • Ms Iris
  • Ms Rosemary
  • Ms Crystal
Catering Assistants
Hawkshead Road
  • Ms Helen
  • Ms Mary
  • Ms Florence
  • Ms Lolita
  • Ms Geraldine
  • Ms Mallian
Gwenneth Rickus
  • Ms Shazia
  • Ms Shanta
  • Ms Tracey
  • Ms Anissa
  • Ms Renuka


  • Ms Valerie
  • Ms Amelia
  • Ms Rubina
  • Ms Geraldine
  • Ms Dharmista

Music Tutors

  • Brent Music currently deliver the Music’s Cool program