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School Council

The Student Council is an elected group of students who work together to represent the pupils of our school. From Year 1 to Year 6, each class has one representative. Children volunteer for the role, they deliver their manifesto to their class and the class will elect the best candidate. This process often results in an enthusiastic and committed Student Council and offers the pupils one of their first experiences of democracy.

Meetings will be held every month during lunchtime. Children have the opportunity to raise any issues that they or their fellow pupils may be concerned about. They also feedback any suggestions from their class. The Student Council then discuss the most important issue and work on this. This often involves the children liaising with Mrs Husbands (AHT), the Heads of each site and the school governors. This can include organising ideas for fundraising, whole school events or ways to improve our school.

This year, the children are going to take on a long term goal to assist the school. With climate change high on the international agenda, this year their goal is to ‘encourage everybody to look after our environment and ourselves' supporting the work of our school Eco Warriors. In addition to this, each year group will hold a fundraising event for all to enjoy throughout the year.

Updated 13/09/21