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Pupil Consent Form

During a pupil’s time with us we will gather information about them which we will use for various purposes. A Privacy Notice has been provided to you in relation to the use of this information, which is also available on the school website.

There are some things that we cannot do unless you tell us that we can. We have set these out in the tables attached. Please could you read this form very carefully and tick the appropriate options. This will let us know which of these things you are happy for us to do, and which you are not.

If you are not happy for us to do any of the things in the tables attached then this will not affect your child’s place at Leopold Primary School. You are completely free to refuse to provide your consent to any of these things. You do not have to provide reasons for refusing your consent, but we are happy for you to give us additional information if you choose to so that we understand any concerns that you have and can take appropriate steps where necessary.

Photographs and Videos
Some of the information in the attached tables includes photographs and videos of your child. We assure you that we take very seriously the issue of potential misuse of photographs and videos of our pupils, and have the following measures in place:

Leopold Primary School may provide photographs and videos to the media, or may be visited by the media who will take videos and photographs. When these have been submitted to or taken by the media Leopold Primary School has no control over these.

Pupil Consent Form Questionnaire