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Election of Parent Governors

Dear Leopold Primary Parent and Carer,
I write following the recent letter to parents and carers inviting nominations for the post of Parent Governor. Three nominations were received for two vacancies and so the election will proceed to Ballot.
Included in this letter is:
● A copy of the personal statement of each nominee: Cynthia Allan, Joel Mitchell and Yaseen Hadari.
● A uniquely numbered ballot paper.
There are two vacancies and each parent is entitled to vote for up to two nominees. No same candidate may be voted for more than once. When casting your vote, please indicate your preferred nomination(s) by marking an X next to their entries on the Ballot Paper and placing your Ballot Paper in the enclosed envelope. Ballot Papers which do not conform to this will be deemed invalid.
The sealed Ballot Box will be kept outside the Front Reception at each site before and after school. During school hours, it will be kept in the Front Reception. Wherever possible, parents should vote in person but where this is not possible, ballot papers should be posted, marked ‘PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL’, to: Deepti Bal, Returning Officer, Leopold Primary School, Hawkshead Road, London, NW10 9UR. There is no facility for proxy voting.
Please place any votes by 6th July 2021. The Ballot Box will be opened and votes counted at Hawkshead Road site 9.30am. Nominees, or their representative, are welcome to observe the count, should they wish. The election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast - the two candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the position of Parent Governor. Once this process has been completed, all parents will be informed of the outcome.
If you have any questions regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk to Governors (Deepti Bal,

Yours sincerely,
Alan McDougall
Chair of Governors

Parent Governor Nominations
Cynthia Allan - Nomination Statement:
I have been a part of the Leopold school community for the last five years and would like to build on this experience by supporting the school to achieve its aims and objectives. I would like to be a parent governor to help build on the recent improvements that have been made at Leopold Primary School. I currently work in education and believe that it is essential that all children receive a secure educational foundation to enhance their future prospects and I would like to support the improvement of outcomes for current and future Leopold pupils. I am a hardworking and committed individual and having previously been a school governor, believe I possess the skills required to make an effective contribution to the governing body.

Joel Mitchell - Nomination Statement
Hi, my name is Joel Mitchell and I would like to be a governor because I would love to contribute to my daughter’s school, both as a parent, and as a professional working in the education sector. In my 9-5 work I evaluate international education projects to understand what their impact is on learning outcomes, especially with regard to use of technology. While these evaluations are often carried out in very different contexts than that of Leopold, I think this experience will give some insight into the workings of schools. Additionally, I have an interest in liaising with parents in the school who do not speak English fluently as I am conversant in Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish. I would be very happy for the opportunity to facilitate a greater participant from these communities within the school.

Yaseen Hadari - Nomination Statement:
Not provided.